Our signature Tread&Tone class is a 60-minute sweat-fest incorporating 30-minutes of intense cardio training on the treadmill with 30-minutes of strength and resistance training. The key here: change. The workout is unique every day. The treadmill routine and the floor work change each day, so every class is a new challenge for your body.

Monday – “30/20/10” – Start off the week with 30 minutest of treadmill work, 20 minutes of strength and resistance training, and 10 minutes of core and abdominal work
Tuesday – “Below the Belt” – No secrets here! It’s butt. It’s legs. It hurts SO good!
Wednesday – “Upper Body w/ Abs” – Give your legs a break! Work those arms, tone those shoulders, strengthen your back and firm your chest. Oh and by the way…BIG ABS DAY!
Thursday – “Full Body Blast” – Conditioning for your entire body. Light weights, resistance bands, full-body toning, best day ever!
Friday – “To the Core” – Get your heart rate up, and your sweat pouring down! Treadmill and floor work to keep you thinking about us all weekend!